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Spiritual and religious education for children at B-DRPC is taken seriously.  We offer supervised care for infants through fifth grade in nurturing and creative environments.  No matter where your child is, he/she will be led by at least two adults in every class - persons chosen for their interest in and love of children as well as their spiritual maturity. 


At B-DRPC we acknowledge the importance of children during our weekly worship time and welcome them as an integral part of our church family.  Every Sunday children participate in worship with their own special time called "Faith Sharing with Children."  Prior to this they are learning the elements of worship through hymn singing, confessional prayers, and the passing of the peace.  Every child is given a "worship bag" as they enter the sanctuary.

Children's worship bags are available for older preschool and all elementary children for use during the worship service. Included in the bags are: a special booklet explaining worship, cards containing the words to the Lord's Prayer as well as the Apostles' Creed. The bags also contain a lectionary-based children's worship bulletin, crayons and a storybook.

After "faith sharing" children are led out of the sanctuary by the children's worship leaders for that morning.  This is a time of supervised worship followed by play.  Each Sunday a Christian based lesson, using Bible stories and the Presbyterian material entitled Wee Believe as the focus, leads the children into a creative time of religious learning and sharing.   Stories are learned, friendships are kindled and faith is presented in a fun and holistic way.  When the parents pick up their child there is a special blessing given to each child as they leave. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN                                                                                                                              For children in grades 2-5, Sunday school is a continuing experience of faith that was begun in Godly Play.  Using thoughtful Presbyterian Sunday school material, each Sunday is designed to bring the student closer to seeing how faith interacts with their everyday living.

NURSERY FOR INFANTS THROUGH AGE 4                                                                                                                     Nursery services are provided for infants through age 3-4.  Nursery care is offered during both worship services as well as during Sunday school.  You can be confident that your child/children are being attended to with the utmost care by persons who are professional in their ability and personal in their approach.  Nursery care is also provided for special church services and other church events.
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