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Black Mountain Home for Children at Whitewater Cove

Items needed by Black Mountain Home and Whitewater Cove.

  • Furniture
  • Welcome Totes --with sheets, towels, a pillow, toiletries, Bible and toy
  • Shower curtains -- for youth bathrooms
  • Heavy duty leaf blowers and weed eaters
  • Porch furniture
  • Trash cans and bathroom rugs for youth rooms
  • Duffel and sleeping bags

Bring donations to the church and put in the collection boxes labeled Black Mountain Home for Children.

Click here to visit their website.

House Calls Ministry
All you have to do is ride around this beautiful community to see the need. The need for housing help, including minor to major repairs. That’s what House Calls is all about.
Can you paint, do yard work, clean gutters, plumbing work, electrical work, are you a gofer, or are your gifts more in the organizational paperwork side? Can you make telephone calls or organize files? 
Can you and will you pray for our House Calls Ministry?
Want more information?  Click Here!

Sharing House

Bring items for the Sharing House to the church drop boxes when you come to worship. The needs are great and the shelves are almost bare at the Sharing House.
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