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by Ginny Bradford, Clerk of Session

The June meeting of the Session included several items of information.

•    Property Ministry Team reported pending Sanctuary repairs that include steeple refurbishment, exterior painting, sanctuary window repair, and sanctuary loop for hearing augmentation.
•    Finance Ministry Team:  May report – Income $48,928 YTD $212,315; Expenses $42,759 YTD $226,330; net $6169 YTD ($14,015).
•    2nd Wednesday Fellowship MT stated that the new season will start September 9, at Whitewater Cove with a BBQ dinner.
•    Outreach Ministry Team:  
Participating in the Bi-Lo food drive for Sharing House Saturday, June 13 with 24 volunteers from our church.
    Habitat: Two families under consideration for #57 home.  Three families have completed paying off their mortgages and a fourth will retire his mortgage if he continues monthly payments through the summer.  One house has been reclaimed due to failure to make mortgage payments – probably auctioned off.  It is a 3 bedroom, about 1240' in size and located on Habitat Way near Cathey's Creek Church Road.
    House Calls: A ramp was installed for a very appreciated family on King Road. The ramp was necessary as the woman had been hospitalized and her handicapped husband could not carry her.  Jim Phillips repaired the floor in a mobile home bathroom. It was necessary to remove the tub, floor has been repaired, the tub returned and a plumber was called to redo the piping.  A Home Health nurse donated a washer and dryer to a patient.  House Calls picked them up and installed them in a mobile home.  A $100.00 bill was left for expenses.  A new stove cord was purchased and the remainder of the money was deposited into the House Calls account. The client is a woman with no toes, confined to a wheel chair.  Her power had been turned off so a delay of one day was needed to make sure all was working.  HC will return there to repair some framing around an interior door because it is hanging by one hinge which makes wheelchair entry very difficult.
    Larry Goodwin gave a report concerning the Church Chicken for Charity event held Memorial Day weekend.  $4678 taken in.  Expenses came to $1485.  Roughly $1450 will go to Sharing House and $1743 to House Calls.  $300 will be taken from the House Calls part to upgrade the large American Legion grill so that the group may continue to use it.
    Black Mountain Home/Whitewater Cove: The Bloomin' Plant Sale raised over $7000.00 on April 30-May 2. There is a Dine and Shop event on June 18 in Asheville, Black Mountain, Brevard, Hendersonville, Marion and Mills River.  In Brevard, Cardinal Drive In, Pescado's Burritos and The Cherry Tree will donate part of their proceeds to BMH.   The Hope and A Future event that was held at Whitewater Cove on May 17 was a big success.  94 people attended.  Comporium Communications sponsored the BBQ dinner with a grant of $1000. Upcoming events include a golf tournament on Sept 16 and the Fall Festival on Oct 10.
    Boy Scouts: Lots of camping/hiking activities this past month. They helped with the Hope and A Future Event at Whitewater Cove. Were VERY helpful with the Church Chicken for Charity event on Saturday, May 23. On May 16, Saturday, they placed American flags on the graves of all known soldiers,  The troop is taking a 2 day hike into Camp Daniel Boone starting June12.
    El Centro: June 1 was the End of Year recognition for the Homework Club members. Mary Reed has planted a garden at El Centro as part of the recognition. The group then walked to El Ranchero with their tutors for dinner. Parents met them at the restaurant.  Each child honored his tutor with a flower.  Judy Nebrig and Rodrigo honored the children with certificates of recognition and achievement. Wednesday, June 3  the children, tutors and parents walked to the library to learn about summer programs for the children. 
    Five Cents a Meal: $423.02 was given in May 2015. 
    Relay for Life will be July 31-Aug 1 and held at Brevard High School.  Luminaries will be sold July 5 and 12 at our church for a donation of $10.00.
    Koinonia:  CROP Walk will be held Oct 11 at 2 pm starting at the Lutheran Church. The Pentecost Offering received on May 24 was $2,380.00.  Forty percent of what was received will go equally to El Centro and Rise and Shine. The rest goes to Presbytery to be used for enriching the youth.
    •    Christian Education MT announced there will be a new  Sunday school class, “Forum  Class” starting in September.  Each quarter the Sunday school offering is sent to one of the following:  Preschool Scholarships, Bread of Life, Whitewater Cove and Safe.
    A discussion time was held for ways to inform the congregation of current topics involving church life and to answer questions; a meeting with the congregation will take place in August.  “A Moment from the Session” will also continue at the beginning of worship on designated Sundays.

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