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Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study

The Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study dates back to 1892, when the Women’s Executive Committee for Home Mission, Organization of Presbyterian Women, prepared a simple Calendar of Prayer to help women’s societies pray for missionaries on designated days. Three years later the first mission yearbook appeared, called the Year Book of Prayer for Foreign Missions. That publication was joined with the prayer calendar in a 1919 edition, the Year Book of Prayer for Missions, when both international and domestic personnel were included. In 1971 the name changed to the Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study in order to reflect the unique role of this publication as a continuing source of inspiration and  current information for all who share in Christ’s mission. Beginning with the 2012 edition, the name changed to what we know today as the Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study

The Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study in online on the PCUSA website.  Click here to read today's entry.


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